Tour and Testimonials

Take a photographic tour through Lost Lands RV Park.

What People are saying about Lost Lands

  • We LOVED it there! We enjoyed the park, we liked the location, the lot size, the people were all so friendly.
  • Thank you for providing us with an excellent place to call home while we were at the beach. We had a great summer.
  • We enjoyed the limited amount of time we had to stay this year at Lost Lands – thanks for the warm welcome – it was a new experience for us.
  • Thanks for another great year!!! They always go by too fast. I have to say that we appreciate that we can bring our dogs along when we come.
  • We will miss you and all of our friends at Lost Lands and all the good times we had there. Thanks for everything.
  • You have a great place to hang out so close to the beach, just knowing the bus is in a great place and secure over the winter is a load off my mind.

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